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Handcuff Cases

Single and Double

  • Improved one-piece design limits wear at bottom of case & keeps case open for easy re-holstering

  • Front cut low enough for fast and easy grasp of cuffs

  • Trim appearance - takes minimum space on belt

  • Dual slot molded belt loops - fit belts up to 2 1/4"

  • Single case flap has rustproof snap closure & no-glare, no-wear snap

  • Double case has front and rear pockets with snap and Velcro flap closure so it can be pressed shut after one set of cuffs has been removed

  • Double case holds two pairs of cuffs

  • Available from two manufacturers:

    • Perfect Fit (USA) - Harder case ($18.95 / $21.95)

    • Uncle Mike's - Sturdy case ($28.95 / $31.95)

Single Duty Cases

Perfect Fit Single Duty Case Price: $23.50

Uncle Mike Single Duty Case. Price: $28.95

Double Duty Cases

Perfect Fit Double Duty Case. Price: $26.50

Uncle Mike Double Duty Case. Price: $31.95


Compact and Open Top


  • Compact case is thin and ideal for off-duty and/or plainclothes work. Available from Uncle Mike - Sturdy case

  • Compact case has belt loop that fits belts up to 2 1/4"

  • Open top case also ideal for undercover, off-duty or plainclothes work. Available from two manufacturers:

    • Perfect Fit (USA) - Economy case (belt loop only)

    • Uncle Mike's - Sturdy case

  • Open top case has either a belt clip (out of stock) or a belt loop (Uncle Mike's)

Uncle Mike Compact Case belt loop. Price: $16.95

Perfect Fit Open Case - Out of stock Price: $12.95

Uncle Mike Open Top Case. Price: $25.95
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